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The E-Book Internet Marketing Strategy That Works – JOSIC – Digital Intelligence

JOSIC – Digital IntelligenceThe E-Book Internet Marketing Strategy That WorksJOSIC – Digital IntelligenceLike many people, you’ve heard you can build an income online with an e-book, but when you tried to write and sell yours, it took too long and did not generate the sort of income you wanted. The reason people do not do well trying to sell their e-book …

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I will show you how to take one e-book and, using a marketing funnel concept, step people through a purchasing process with a series of products built from that original e-book.

Your e-book internet marketing strategy begins with your e-book, but it does not end there. You want to take the same information in your ebook and leverage it into other programs.
This easy-to-duplicate ebook internet marketing strategy starts with a simple downloadable, digital e-book that does not exist until someone prints it out. It fits somewhere in cyberspace with little or no cost of production to you. It is this simple ebook you can turn into a $ 100,000 a year business.

The E-book Internet Marketing Strategy

Top Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Business

I am going to give you a step-by-step strategy of how to do that, including how to research your products and how to put them together. This is an e-book internet marketing strategy, which you can overlay on your own business. As you read, begin to ask yourself how you can apply this strategy to your work, your knowledge, and your area of ​​interest so you can profit from the knowledge in your head.

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1. Find the Right People to Sell To

First of all, you want to find an audience that has a specific problem because that’s the best way to sell products. Often people make the mistake of trying to sell or generate the problem and then sell their product as the solution. You need to find an existing problem first, with a clear demand. This way you have a niche to jump straight into. So, select an audience, select the topic, and begin your e-book internet marketing strategy by writing a simple e-book for that audience and topic.

To kick off this process I suggest you start with a free e-book. If you start with a free e-book, it is much easier to entice those initial people to opt-in to your list. As they do this, you want to capture their names and email addresses because you will market to them over time. The free e-book gets the e-book internet marketing strategy process off to a more solid start, making the job easier for you.

2.Create a Series of Targeted Information Products

Build a second product that’s a more extensive manual, or produce two or three hours of audio. Price it for about $ 97 and begin selling. Your goal would be within one year to sell 300 of those. If you build an audience of about 2,500 to 3,000 opt-ins, that’s $ 29,100. That’s a great start, but it is just the beginning.

Your goal is to start selling 25 products a month. Your next step is to create an intensive training program of four to six weeks, or a one-day workshop, whatever you want it to look like. It must be something that you can price at $ 495. Typically, it would be a four-week, eight-week or three-month coaching program, which you present as a group program. This $ 495 price tag is very affordable to most people interested in this sort of product.

You want about 20% of people who purchased the $ 97 product to convert to your coaching club, or whatever you call your intensive clients. If you convert 20%, that’s 60 people. That gives you almost another $ 30,000. That’s still a little shy of your $ 100,000 a year, but here’s the next and final step in your e-book internet marketing strategy …

3.The Big Money Package

Convert just 12 people, one a month, into individual coaching clients who pay you $ 3,000 for that personal service. That’s another $ 36,000 a year. If you add all of those sales numbers together, you end up with about $ 96,000, starting with one e-book and progressing into a money making machine from there.

Let’s review: In the first month, you introduce the $ 97 product. In the next three months, you add the $ 495 product. Then, you start converting one client a month for the $ 3,000 coaching. There you have your business – almost $ 100,000 for the year.

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